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Are you complicit?  The dictionary says complicity means, “being involved with others in an act that is either unlawful or morally wrong.”  According to the law, if you are present when a crime is committed and do nothing to stop it, you are an accomplice to that crime.  You bear the guilt and the consequences.

Some of Christ’s disciples were complicit.  Judas sold Jesus out for 30 pieces of silver. Peter betrayed Christ repeatedly.

Pilate was complicit.  He knew that the Chief Priest envied Jesus and that Jesus was innocent; he said so to the crowd.  Pilate’s wife sent word to him, urging him to let Jesus go.  Yet, Pilate did what the Caiaphas, the Council, and the crowd demanded.

The noisy crowd was complicit.  This was the same Jesus who taught them, fed them, and healed their sick.  Yet, the murderous crowd set a known criminal free rather than free Jesus.

The silent crowd was complicit.  We don’t know exactly how many people were present that day that never uttered a word, but their silence was just as important in Jesus’ conviction as those who were shouting to set Barabbus free.

We become complicit. Matthew, chapters 26 and 27, are a stark reminder to us of the tragedy of being complicit.  Even dedicated believers can fall to sin.  They aren’t silent or inactive; they participate in an unlawful or a moral wrong.  But, we also fall to sin when we, as Christians, fail to find our voice, and the voice of the crowd wins.

God help us all to involve ourselves with all that is morally right and good.  Help us to find our voice when the sounds of immorality rise and start to drown the sounds of all that is moral and good.

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