Be It Unto Me

Untitled design (6)Be It Unto Me

It was time for the annual Christmas play, and I watched the assignment of parts in the play.  We always made sure that everyone had a role, but inevitably, someone would end up being a no-show.  Our hope was that the no-show wouldn’t be a significant part in the play since we really didn’t have an understudy for the main characters.

Casting the roles in the play led me back to the Christmas story.  Mary’s song, so beautifully recorded in Luke 1, shows her humility; she readily accepted her role in the most magnificent story ever told.  Her answer to Gabriel, and most importantly, to God, was, “be it unto me.”

We also know that the shepherds answered the angel’s instruction arriving at the side of the manger.  The wise men followed the star to see the Christ child and at personal peril, went home another way rather than follow the instruction from Herod.  Though not a place in the inn, the innkeeper managed to find a place in the stable for the Christ child

Mary and the others named in the scripture answered God’s call to attend the most magnificent birth on earth.  But, I wonder if there were others called who refused their invitation? Undoubtedly hundreds of shepherds were available in the hills.  More wise men than just these could have made the journey.  How many innkeepers were available to house guests at the time Christ was born?  Were others asked to play a role and declined?

We’ll never know if there were others who refused their invitation to the birth of Christ.  Today, Christ invites us all to celebrate His birth, His death, and His resurrection.  Let’s accept His invitation and play the role He has for us in His kingdom.  Answer as Mary did, ““Be it unto me.”


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