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Whiter Than Snow

Delighted by the large, heavy flakes of snowfall, my next thought was to grab the camera and join the kids playing on the snow bank.  After many photos were captured outside, I turned back to the house to get something warm to drink.

Warming my hands with my hot cup and standing near the fire, I began my review of photos.  I loved looking at the beautiful landscapes and children playing with abandon.  The sun punched its way through the clouds toward the end of my photo session, and I noticed that those pictures had much more light and glare reflected from the snow.  The snow reflected so much of the light that in some cases, all that was detectable was snow and light.

It’s no coincidence that in Isaiah 1:8, we are told that though our sins be as scarlet, we are made white as snow.  How magnificent a picture that is!  The snow reflects light….and that’s exactly what our lives do when we are washed white as snow.  Our lives reflect the Light of the World.  The Savior washes us to a pure white, and we reflect His Light to the world.  Our witness brings light in the darkness of this world.

Let our prayer be that our lives be a glaring revelation of God’s love, washed clean by the Light that illuminates the world.


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