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Hurry Up!

Have you ever noticed how fast our days, months, and years seem to pass? Our lives seem to be busier now than they were in the years past. I was pondering this recently on a busy day. My to-do list seemed longer than the hours left in the day. I was on the way to the store to pick up some needed items, and I had a limited time to do so. Wouldn’t you know it I would get caught behind a dump truck that was creeping along the two-lane road? Every turn I made, the truck made. I found myself continuously glancing at my car’s clock like that was going to speed up the slow dump truck.

I finally got to the store, found all my items, and made my way to the check-out line. The store seemed busier than usual for that time of day. So, I scanned for the shortest line. The lady I was behind had her items loaded on the checkout counter. One buggy full of items was five different orders! Each one came with a different way to pay, from change to bills, to cards. I started to get impatient with my circumstances that day when I felt God speaking to my heart. With every grumbled “I wished she hurry up,” I heard “Slow down and enjoy the moment.”

How often do we find ourselves rushing about to complete our long list of to-dos and miss the small opportunities to show God’s love to those around us? I had a choice to make that day. Would I respond to the nudge from God to do something for Him or would I choose to rush about completing my list? How about you? Do you rush about getting things done and miss the small detours to make a difference in another’s life?



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