Just-In-Time Delivery

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Just-In-Time Delivery

On a recent trip to one of the big chain stores, I was really annoyed that, for the second week in a row, their famous “just-in-time” delivery system failed.   With all the bar codes, magnetic strips, QR codes, and all their ways of tracking what is bought and what needs to be restocked, my box of cereal wasn’t to be found.

Still shopping, I  reflected on a story in the gospel of Matthew that had been part of my daily reading.  It was one of the stories where Christ fed the multitude that was following Him.  There He was, feeding them spiritually when he recognized that their physical bodies needed food too, and He supplied that need “just-in-time”.  He didn’t need help from technology to know what they needed, and He didn’t need technology to answer it.  Christ knows our need before we ask, and His delivery system is perfect…on time, every time.  In Matthew 6:8, just before Christ prays the Lord’s prayer, Jesus says,  “So do not be like them; for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him”(NASB).

Today, trust that, while no system in our world is foolproof, our heavenly provisions from God the Father are ready when we need them.


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