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Heading deep into the desert, we reached a simple green road sign in Needles, CA that read, “99 miles to the next gas station.”  The sign was strategically placed at a small intersection where a lone gas station sat amid nothing but drifting sand and desert.  This was a decision point for travelers, and the decision made at that point could be life altering as traveling through desert, even today with modern technology, can result in perilous consequences.

We passed glittering, glitzy, flashing billboards that advertised food, recreation, and great places to stay, but this was probably the most meaningful road sign during our 3,000 mile journey.  Had we not been paying attention, we could have missed it.  Even seeing the sign, we could have ignored it and keep on going.

Our lives are filled with moments of decision just like these.  We go through life looking for a sign, something or someone to tell us what to do.  Sometimes, the glitzy, glamorous things grab our attention, but they’re not what we need. We look to friends and family for answers, hoping that some special revelation or epiphany from them will provide direction we need.  Jesus told his disciples that we are prone to look for someone or something to show us the way, and He warns that even the elect can be deceived  (Mark 13:22).

You don’t have to look for signs or new revelation.  Proverbs 3 says:

  • Keep the law and remember them in our hearts
  • Remember mercy and truth so we find favor in God’s sight
  • Trust in Him, not in our own understanding
  • Acknowledge Him in all that we say and do
  • He will direct our path

Trust Him.  Take comfort today in knowing that He will direct your path.

-TH –

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