A Perfect Dilemma

A Perfect Dilemma

This was a dilemma as we would say, of Biblical proportion.  In fact, it was epic. Mary had conceived a baby…..not just any baby.  Joseph was about to become married to a pregnant girl….the pregnancy and baby was not of his making.  Mary was told by the angel that she was honored and not to be afraid.  Joseph was told by the angel not to be afraid to marry his wife-to-be, and that she had conceived through extraordinary means. 

Mind blowing?  For sure!  Nonetheless, both Mary and Joseph followed the angel’s instructions.

Throughout the Christmas story, we see the magnificence of God the Father as He orchestrates the angelic announcements to Joseph and Mary.   After these first appearances, we see angels with messages that alert Mary and Joseph to take Christ and leave Bethlehem because of the murderous Herod, and an angel returns to Joseph with instructions to leave Egypt when it was safe for them to return to Israel.

From one dilemma to the next, Joseph and Mary navigated their way through Christ’s birth, the swift and terrifying journey to Egypt to avoid Herod’s decree of death, and back home to Israel at the appointed time, all guided by God through angelic messengers.

God knew the hearts of both Mary and Joseph.  Within Mary was a spirit that cherished God enough to say, without reservation, “Be it unto me”, and within the heart of Joseph was obedience to God that compelled him to keep Mary for his wife rather than put her away.  Their love of God caused them to look beyond their dilemmas and act according to His will.

With our own dilemmas, let us pray that our hearts and lives will be like Joseph and Mary, surrendered to God, reservations removed, and in total obedience to him. 

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