The Best Fish Story

The Best Fish Story

Shrill giggles and pounding feet echoed through the house as the final pieces of fishing equipment went into the truck.  Three 8-year olds piled on top of each other into the truck, eventually landing in their own seats as dads and boys left for a fishing trip.

In less than an hour, they were unloading their gear at the river’s edge, each boy getting loaded down with poles, tackle boxes, and ice chests.  Chairs, fishing poles, and bait were strewn across the bank.  Taking worms from the bait box, one of the dads began instructing the boys how to bait their hook until he noticed one wasn’t doing as instructed.  The dad showed the boy again.  He said, “Fish have to think it’s the real thing before they bite.  Some bite quickly, but others look and don’t bite.  They never take the bait.”

Dropping their hooks into the water, fish began biting their hooks almost immediately.  Taking a fish off the hook, one dad said to his son, “Remember this fish.”  His son looked really puzzled.

“Don’t be a quick fish,” his father replied. His son giggled at the thought of being a fish.  His dad said, “There are things that will look good to you, and you’ll really want to do them.  Your friends might be quick to do them, and you may want to join in.  But remember this fish.  He took the bait and died; the fish that didn’t take our bait is still alive. It wasn’t tricked.”

What a powerful life lesson this father taught his son with a fish story!  The Bible is chocked full of stories of deception.  Eve’s deception in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2, 3) resulted in consequences that man will struggle with until the end of time.  Jacob and Esau’s story of deception led to a change in the birthright blessing (Genesis 27), and still today, nations are at war over it.  Deception cost Ananias and Sapphira their lives (Acts 5). 

Don’t be tricked by the world.  Colossians 2:8 reminds us not to be enslaved by philosophy and foolish deception.  Rather, conform to how Christ tells us to act.  It’s literally a life saver!


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