Clearing the Field

Clearing the Field

I saw a beautifully plowed field in a rocky valley.  Even though it was surrounded by rocks, the field was amazingly smooth.  The farmer who plowed the field explained he’d learned his technique from his time on a kibbutz in Israel where he served as an apprentice.  

He recalled his first day at work. The farmer-teacher instructed him to follow behind the plow, picking up the rocks from the field never before plowed.  At the end of the day, the apprentice was exhausted but proud of the pile of rocks on the side of the field. The pair headed to work the next morning, arriving at the same field.  At the farmer’s instruction,  the apprentice again removed heavy rocks that the plow brought to the surface.   By the end of the day, another pile of rocks, equal to the first day, was sitting beside the field.  Exhausted, the apprentice walked home with the farmer, admiring the smoothly plowed field.

To the apprentice’s surprise, the farmer led the way to the same field on the third morning. The disappointed apprentice dutifully picked up the rocks. Yet again, a huge, new pile of rocks emerged at the end of the day.  For seven more days, the plowing continued until rocks were no longer produced.  The farmer looked across the smooth field and pronounced it ready to plant. 

Isn’t this a perfect picture of our lives?  On the surface, it looks like we’ve got it together. When problems arise, the soil of our lives is disturbed, and our flaws, failures, and sins are exposed. With love, the Savior helps us to deal with things that are hidden from others, but sometimes prevent us from trusting Him and cause us to sin.  David’s hidden flaws became obvious when he lusted after another man’s wife (2 Sam 11-12).  Adultery, murder, and the death of his child resulted from his hidden issue: lust.

David repented and later, he is called a man after God’s heart.  The psalmist asked God to search him, know his thoughts, and reveal wickedness in his life (Ps. 139:23).  As we pray today, let’s ask God  to reveal our hidden sins.  In doing so, we please God and avoid the catastrophic effects of sin.


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