Uniquely Yours

Uniquely Yours

Fingerprints are uniquely ours.  Long before the use of DNA, fingerprints were needed for some jobs that required security clearance or in the case of a crime, prints were used to support innocence or guilt.  God gave us that swirl pattern, and there’s not another like it. 

Our relationship with God is like our fingerprint.  It is personal and ours alone.  You can’t ask someone else to have a relationship for you.  It’s you and God.

No one can take our place in prayer; the prayer we pray is uniquely ours.  Though we ask others to pray with us in hard times, their prayers can’t take the place of our own. 

No one else can spend time in the Word for us. The Bible instructs us to hide His words in our hearts so we won’t sin (Ps. 119:11). 

No one else can attend church for us,  develop supporting relationships with other Christians for us, and no one else can do the same work in God’s kingdom as we (Heb. 10:25).  We are like no other, prepared as no other, and uniquely positioned as no other on this earth to do His will. 

Like our fingerprints, our personalities and life circumstances are ours alone. God himself demonstrated the need for a personal relationship with Him, joining Adam and Eve in the Garden (Genesis 3).  He didn’t send an intermediary. God himself came to the garden. 

Individually and uniquely, we choose the relationship we have with God through the frequency and fervency with which we involve him.  What can you do today to strengthen your unique relationship with Him?

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