Game Changer

Game Changer

Most of the time, our days seem about the same.  We get up, we go to work or school, and we repeat the same thing we did the day before with little variation.  We even do the same things in the same way, sometimes because it’s a really good way to do it.  There’s more than one direction to go to cut the grass, but we choose to cut in straight lines rather than diagonally.  We frequent the same grocery store and often buy the same things because that’s what we’re used to.

Then, something disrupts our habits.  Something happens that completely changes the way we do things.  Sometimes it’s an innovation that makes the way we do things obsolete.  Other times, it’s something as simple as planting a tree that changes the direction in which we mow or road construction that sends us to a new supermarket. But without the disruption, nothing would change. 

In Luke 16:14-16, John the Baptist was disruptive.  His arrival on the scene was a game changer for the Pharisees.  He preached the good news, and that God’s kingdom was for all.  Christ told them that until John the Baptist came, they were doing things the same old way, justifying their actions to each other, all the while harboring ill motives in their heart. John’s arrival on the scene was a game changer!

Wouldn’t you love to have Jesus Christ point to you as disruptive?  What greater honor could be given to us than for Christ to say that we challenged the status quo!  With certainty, John didn’t enjoy the pleasantries of society while he was proclaiming Jesus was the Christ.  But John’s faith and commitment demanded it, and he died a martyr’s death because of it.

Proclaiming the gospel and standing firmly is just as disruptive today as it was then.  But it’s not an ask; it’s a demand for Christians. 

Be a game changer.  Choose to be disruptive for the cause of Christ. Like the disciples and early church founders, we won’t be greeted with society’s approval.  But by living our faith, we can disrupt the status quo and change the world.

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