Donuts, French Fries & God’s Provision

Donuts, French Fries & God’s Provision

Driving past the local donut shop is a dangerous thing.  Reading the  “hot now” sign makes the taste buds long for a freshly made, still warm, lightly glazed donut.  That can make even the most committed dieter hit the drive-through for a sugary delight.  

My mother-in-law felt the same about french fries.  She didn’t just order french fries.  She ordered “hot” fries.  I’d never thought about it but I quickly learned the value of ordering “hot”.  She knew how to get fresh fries!

What do donuts and french fries teach us?  Fresh is best.  If we’re hungry, we enjoy the taste of what we’re eating.  But, let’s face it.  A choice between fresh and leftovers isn’t really a choice.

In Exodus 16, God lays out his plan for the children of Israel to have fresh provisions as they journey to the Promised Land.  Moses instructs the children of Israel to take what they need each day, and that God will provide fresh manna each day for them.  Only for the Sabbath were they to collect extra and eat the next day.

Some of the Israelites tried gathering and hoarding the manna which quickly became worm-infested and rotted.  God didn’t want them to have leftovers;  He gave fresh food every day. 

How much we are like them when we fail to go to God in prayer and read His word for a fresh word from him!  We can enjoy his blessings and anointing, but we’ve got to make the effort to read and pray daily.

We don’t have to wait for a “hot now” sign.  God provides immediately and richly.  Lamentations 3:22-23 says that His “compassions fails not” and that they are “new every morning; great is thy faithfulness.”  

Go to God’s word and meet Him in prayer today.  He has already provided all that you need for this day.

– TH –

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