Orange Cones and Flashing Lights

Orange Cones and Flashing Lights

I have a love-hate relationship with GPS.  I even named my GPS and have conversations with it as we navigate our way through big cities and obscure country roads. 

Most of the time,  I’m happy with the drive. Then there are the days when the road is decorated with orange barrels and cones, unbearable traffic, and lit with red and blue emergency lights.  The GPS forewarns, and says “finding new route.” Magically, a new route is provided that avoids the hazard.  In the moments when I haven’t taken the advice of navigation, I hear “recalculating” as it gives me the best route now possible since I chose to go another direction.   

Life experiences are much like that.  God provides the path for our lives with guidance from the Word. The Psalmist said that the steps of a good man are “ordered” by the Lord…” (Ps 37:23). God makes it clear that he has a chosen pathway for us to follow.

God provides not only direction but warning signals.  Our lives are filled with orange cones, flashing emergency lights, verbal and non-verbal warnings.  Ignoring that guidance can lead to disaster.  The Bible tells us that there’s a way that seems right to us, but it leads to destruction.

Though it is clear that God has a chosen path for us, it’s equally clear that we have a choice in the matter.  He provides coaching to us through his Word, through Christian friends, and through subtle prompting from the Holy Spirit. 

God is our internal and eternal navigator. Even when we lose our way, He is still with us and ready to provide redemption. In John 14, Jesus explains to his disciples that He’s sending the Holy Spirit to them for comfort and direction.  While we may not audibly hear “recalculating” like we do when using GPS, the subtle urging from the Holy Spirit will redirect us when we are going the wrong way.

As you pray, seek God’s direction for today and the days that follow.  Then, listen, watch, and enjoy the unique path that God has prepared especially for you.   There will still be hazards along the way, but to be sure, he will be with us on our journey.

– TH –

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