Used One of the most memorable scenes in the book, Tom Sawyer, is where he’s painting the fence.  His friends walk up, and he brags about how much fun he’s having painting the fence.  His friends start to ask for their turn, and for awhile, Tom just won’t give up painting.  Then, he hooks them.  … More Used


Pride A story was once told about one of the largest tankers on the ocean.  The tanker detected a light in the distance and signaled to what appeared to be a smaller ship to change course.  The signaling continued between them, but the tanker captain refused to change course, and the signal in the distance … More Pride

Backseat Drivers

Backseat Drivers   We had spent months planning our trip. Our hotel reservations had been made. The car was cleaned, full of gas, and all the luggage was loaded. We began to pick who would sit where. I was relieved to not be driving and selected a seat in the back of the car. We … More Backseat Drivers

Need A Guide?

Need A Guide? My drawer was stuck.  It had been sticking and slipping to the side for a couple weeks.  Even though I knew it wasn’t working right, I’d ignored it until it was completely broken.  After some tugging, the drawer came open. That’s when  I discovered that the track that guides the drawer was … More Need A Guide?

Who Are You?

Who Are You? “Who are you?”  That was the question of the day. We’d arrived at our family reunion, and as one who had lived away, I had not seen some in my extended family for many years.  I don’t have any idea how many times I answered, and usually, it wasn’t enough.  The second … More Who Are You?


Preparations Growing up in the South, I was accustomed to heat and humidity, lush vegetation and beautiful, tall trees that peppered the landscape, providing both shade and landmarks so as not to be lost.  When evening came, the sunlight slowly faded to darkness that was salted with heavenly stars. When we moved to the desert … More Preparations

A Shout of Triumph

A Shout of Triumph Those who witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus saw His hours of agony and heard Him cry out from the cross in a loud voice, “It is Finished!” as He died.  (John 19:30)  Was His final words from the cross a painful defeat?  Absolutely not!  This was “A Shout of Triumph”.  Jesus … More A Shout of Triumph

Hurry Up!

Hurry Up! Have you ever noticed how fast our days, months, and years seem to pass? Our lives seem to be busier now than they were in the years past. I was pondering this recently on a busy day. My to-do list seemed longer than the hours left in the day. I was on the … More Hurry Up!

What Is That Smell?

What Is That Smell? I couldn’t get the dog off of me….no, I mean, literally.  My dog gripped my legs, sniffed my pants, pawed the cuff of my pants, sniffed my hands, and then stood on her back legs to reach my chest for a more thorough investigation.  I’d been to the vet’s office where … More What Is That Smell?

The Bristlecone Pine

The Bristlecone Pine The warmth of the sun promised a great day of hiking.  Eager tourists and hikers hopped on the bus provided by the National Park Service. The narration describing the surrounding habitat played as the bus hugged the mountainous curves.  About 30 minutes into the two hour drive, the bus became more chilly … More The Bristlecone Pine