Uniquely Yours

Uniquely Yours Fingerprints are uniquely ours.  Long before the use of DNA, fingerprints were needed for some jobs that required security clearance or in the case of a crime, prints were used to support innocence or guilt.  God gave us that swirl pattern, and there’s not another like it.  Our relationship with God is like … More Uniquely Yours

Healing Springs

Healing Springs Frigid water.  Clear, icy cold water spilling across the rocks, pooled in a smooth nature-made basin just waiting for the thirsty to come and drink.  That was what was known as the healing springs. As a child, my interest in the spring water wasn’t medicinal.  It was the simple delight of plunging hot, … More Healing Springs


Containers Spilling out of the mountain, the clear, frigid water pooled at the base of the rocks in a natural basin that had been worn smooth by centuries of swiftly flowing water.  Locally, this spring was said to have healing properties, and because of it, people came not just to drink, but to bottle up … More Containers

The Original Scammer

The Original Scammer There isn’t a day that passes without getting at least one phone call with someone trying to convince us to turn over bank information, private information, or send  money.  Telemarketers call with the “too good to be true” offers, and infomercials sell products that, if they worked, would be declared one of … More The Original Scammer

Give Me the Usual

Give Me the Usual In a sunny little café in Wyoming, a group of retired guys sitting in a booth got the latest scoop from the favorite waitress’ children and their school activities.  Making eye contact with each, she said,  “You want the usual?”  With a nod, she walked to the kitchen to get their … More Give Me the Usual

Words From a Parent

Words From A Parent For the third time, Dad called to the kids playing on the river’s edge.  “Don’t get too close.  The rocks are slippery, and you can slide right in.”  Dutifully, the children moved up the river bank away from the edge. A decade later, one of these children now a dad himself, … More Words From a Parent

Why Do I Remember?

Why Do I Remember? Looking across the vast expanse of grave sites, I thought that for every solidier laid to rest in Arlington there were family members whose lives were forever changed by the death of their loved one laid to rest in that beautiful cemetery. No doubt, there was a story that went with … More Why Do I Remember?