Why Do I Remember?

Why Do I Remember? Looking across the vast expanse of grave sites, I thought that for every solidier laid to rest in Arlington there were family members whose lives were forever changed by the death of their loved one laid to rest in that beautiful cemetery. No doubt, there was a story that went with … More Why Do I Remember?

Clearing the Field

Clearing the Field I saw a beautifully plowed field in a rocky valley.  Even though it was surrounded by rocks, the field was amazingly smooth.  The farmer who plowed the field explained he’d learned his technique from his time on a kibbutz in Israel where he served as an apprentice.   He recalled his first day … More Clearing the Field

It’s How You Do It

It’s How You Do It The resealable bag worked on my patience.  I repeatedly pinched the top closed with my fingers from end to end of the bag, but it still popped open.  Thinking I didn’t have the grooves of the seal aligned, I looked to the inside, pinched the top again, and ran my … More It’s How You Do It

Timeless Treasure

Timeless Treasure Easter brings back memories of new Sunday clothes, baskets of artfully colored eggs straight from the kitchen, and more chocolate in my woven Easter basket than I got the rest of the year!!  The Easter egg hunt was always filled with excitement as I ran from tree to tree, staining my pants with … More Timeless Treasure

Beauty in Nature

Beauty in Nature God’s handiwork in nature is amazing to me. The beauty of the colors in the sunrises and the sunsets that can be the softest shades of pastels to bright, bold and vibrant shades. Have you ever laid in the grass and watched the clouds floating overhead? We used to do this with … More Beauty in Nature

The Best Fish Story

The Best Fish Story Shrill giggles and pounding feet echoed through the house as the final pieces of fishing equipment went into the truck.  Three 8-year olds piled on top of each other into the truck, eventually landing in their own seats as dads and boys left for a fishing trip. In less than an … More The Best Fish Story


Bankrupt Gray and his friends started checking out after eating a hearty evening meal.  When Gray scanned his card, his cash card was rejected, not once, but repeatedly.  There had to be a mistake, Gray thought.  After all, his parents had put cash on his card for the whole semester.  Clearly embarrassed, Gray asked the … More Bankrupt


Scars As I was driving down the road listening to the radio one day, a new song I hadn’t heard before came on. I turned the volume up so that I could hear the words better. My eyes began to fill with tears over the lyrics that resonated with me. The words reminded me of … More Scars

Your Enemy Waits

Your Enemy Waits Watching the birds gather around the feeder is a preoccupation of mine, especially on a “cool-ish” morning with a hot cup of coffee in hand.  On this morning, a most gorgeous group of birds, red, blue, and even woodpeckers flitted from the feeder to the ground, scattering hulls to find their favorite … More Your Enemy Waits