Did You Wash?

Did You Wash? Sneaking to the dinner table, we slid into our chairs with the day’s sweat and dirt still fresh on our hands and under our fingernails from a hard day at play.  Without turning from the stove and looking, Mom sternly spoke, “Go wash your hands.  You know you can’t eat without washing.”  … More Did You Wash?

Child’s Play

Child’s Play Aggravation.  It’s the stuff of life, right?  Is it any wonder that game makers created a child’s game with that name?  This simple board game is played with marbles, and the goal is to be the first to get your all marbles from start to “home”.  There’s the long way around the board … More Child’s Play

A Tale of Two Sauls

A Tale of Two Sauls They share a name, and they both were called of God. Both had opportunity, but they saw very different outcomes.  In the Old Testament, Saul was a handsome young man, standing taller than most.  The Bible tells us in 1 Samuel that Samuel approached Saul, explaining that God had selected … More A Tale of Two Sauls

Dead or Alive

Dead or Alive In the beginning of Luke 24, Luke tells of the women who’d come to the tomb to dress the body of Christ.  As they arrive, they are frightened to find an open tomb and two figures in gleaming bright clothes.  In verse 5, the gleaming figures asked, “Why do you look for … More Dead or Alive

The Storm

The Storm On the day that Hurricane Andrew struck southern Florida with its fury, I was living in northern Florida. Our skies, so heavy with humidity, were filled that day with gorgeous, cotton ball-like clouds against one of the bluest skies I had ever seen. It is an oddity of life that while we were … More The Storm

Who’s Calling?

Who’s Calling? Not too many years ago, we had no idea who was calling when the phone rang, and the only option was to pick up the phone to find out.  Now, the first thing we do when the phone rings is to look at caller id to see who it is.  If it’s someone … More Who’s Calling?

Pilgrim’s Hope

Pilgrim’s Hope When the Pilgrims left England, they left with hope, not a promise.  They knew there was a new world waiting for them, and between them and the new world was a very long journey.  The foreign land would not be the England they left behind, but it offered the hope of practicing their … More Pilgrim’s Hope