Young Adult Ministries

30 Years and Over

Sunday Worship

There is always room for more!  Seeking to experience the presence of the Lord in our lives, young adult ministry includes spirited and engaging corporate praise and worship.  Worship services include elements of traditional and non-traditional music, and holy-spirit inspired messages designed to grow every believer in the faith and in discipleship

Sunday School on Sunday includes various group opportunities from which to choose.  Some groups use new Christian books on specific topics to guide their study while others use a more traditional approach that is guided by weekly scripture straight from God’s word.  Regardless of your learning style, there’s a class for everyone!

Mid-Week Programs and Services

Prayer Ministry – Each week at 10:00 a.m., a group gathers for prayer.  This group has been an integral and inspiring part of our church ministry for over 20 years.  Prayers and concerns of the congregation or requests sent by individuals are offered to the Lord during this precious time.  Through this ministry, we are truly bearing one another’s burdens as instructed in God’s word.